Racing Car Double Dual Turbo Air Intake Turbine Gas Fuel Saver Fan Car Supercharger Chargers

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Applicable models: Universal


Dimensions (diameter x length): 2.5 x 2.95 inches / 6.5 x 7.4 cm

Body Diameter Wrap with Rubber Stand: 2.8 inches / 7 cm

Material: aluminum alloy and rubber

Color: red /blue


Package list:

1 x turbo intake fan

3 x rubber ring



  1. The vehicle's power will be improved, the speed will be smoother, and the back push feeling will be significantly improved.

  2. Increased the torque in the midsole speed of the car and increased the intake air flow.

  3. It is convenient for the gasoline in the cabin to burn more fully, and the throttle feels lighter and more flexible.

  4. It can also play a role in saving fuel, and the fuel saving rate is about 5% -15%.

  5. No need to change the target components, regardless of model, easy installation.

  6. Naturally-inspired inertial turbine, which increases with the change of air intake


Installation Notes:

Installed in the air intake hose between the original car's air box and the throttle valve. When installing, it depends on the diameter of the original car's intake hose and configures the thickness of the rubber collar on the power wheel. Rubber collars have different thicknesses, and are appropriately selected according to the diameter of the intake hose during installation.


Installation method:

  1. Installation position: Installed between the throttle and the air filter
  2. The most ideal position (recommended): As for the throttle money 10cm ~ 30cm
  3. If the wind intake pipe is curved, it can be installed in the middle of the intake pipe.
  4. If the vehicle is equipped with a flow sensor, it can be installed in the front and rear positions.


If the inner diameter of the air inlet pipe is greater than 6.4 cm, it can be plugged directly into the pipe. If the inner diameter is less than 6.4 cm, the pipe must be changed.