LS Harmonic Balancer Install ToolFor GM 1997-Up LS1 / LS Crank Engines Crank Pulley Installer Crankshaft Installa

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This harmonic balancer install tool is made of high grade steel with great durability, which is effective for rust, crack and deformation resistance,it is long enough to fully thread into your crank and push the crankshaft pulley into position with effortless installation.This is a must have for engine swaps or upgrading the balancer.

How to use:

Simply thread the tool into the crankshaft until it seats,then tighten the nut down until the pulley is seated. This can be used on all LS series engines such as Corvette, Camaro, Trans Am, GTO, G8, LS1,LS2 LS3,LS4, LS6, LS7, LSX.


Weight: 310g

Material: high-grade steel

Package included: 

1x Threaded Rod

1x Nut

2x Washers