Gear Shift Selector Lever Bushing Sleeve Adaptor For Mercedes W639 Vito Viano

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  1. Install our new improved design bush and restore sharp gear changes.

  2. Replace inferior OEM bushings with our new parts at a fraction of the cost of a complete shift lever assembly.

  3. Our bush is made from a high-quality modified nylon and will not fail like the OEM part.

  4. Our part is made in two halves to make installation very easy.

  5. Our part is injection moulded for the perfect finish. This is essential in providing smooth operation and combating wear.

  6. Our part is made of highly wear-resistant plastics and 5-axis machines. Therefore, the surface of the part is absolutely smooth and precise.New components for long-term performance and your gearbox protection are guaranteed. 


Material: Plastic

Color: White




  • For Mercedes Benz Vito/Viano W639 (2003-2014) 5 and 6 speed manual gearboxes only.

  • For Mercedes Benz V-Class V350 (Japan only)

  • For Mercedes Benz Valente (Australia only) 2012-2014

  • Part numbers:A6392605309, A6392603500, A6392607109, A6392605509, A6395450532, A6392602998, A6392601109, A6392602509, A6392607309.


Package Include:

1 x  Shift Stick Bush(Others not included)



  1. Gears are not sensitive to shifting gears, and their handling feels poor when shifting, especially when reverse gears and rapid gears are difficult.
  2. Wobbly / loose gear stick.



  1. Worn bush in gear shiftworn vito bush
  2. A bush within the gear stick assembly wears causing shifting issues.
  3. Within the OEM gear stick shift mechanism is a poor-quality Nylon bush, a ball at the bottom of the shift stick operates within this bush, this is a tight friction fit, the Nylon being of poor-quality wears away, allowing excess movement,causing the faults noted above.



OLD: Replace the whole gear shift unit, not only is this expensive but it would inevitably fail again.

NEW: Replace new gear bush