Aluminum Baffled Oil Catch Can Resevoir Tank Oil Tank Kit Racing Car 9 Ounces

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  • Fully adjustable steel mounting bracket for easy installation
  • The baffle-type stainless steel filter is installed inside, which can filter almost all the oil without blocking.
  • The surface is completely black or carbon fiber finish, which will add a touch of fashion to your engine compartment.
  • Suitable for all models, and is an essential engine
  • Keep engine intake air, valves and pistons clean without losing power in the future.



Size: see picture

Color: Red / Black / Blue /Purple/Green

Material: High-quality aluminum

Weight: 989g



1 x Anodized 6061 Aluminum Oil Catch Can Kit (same as in the picture)



Breathable pot looks like a humble thing, it is a supplement for modern cars. Nowadays, cars are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, and engine components emit those oily exhaust gases, especially on the crankcase and cylinder head. They both exhaust the exhaust gas back into the air intake duct, making the throttle and intake air sticky with oil and dust, increasing the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the engine, and reducing the efficiency. The ventilating pot collects the exhaust gas, because there is a temperature difference, the oil will stay in the pot, and the pollution of the exhaust gas will be minimized!



Because the engine oil composition in the secondary combustion of the engine will cause carbon deposits in the valve, and therefore have an adverse effect on the engine, it is therefore meaningful to reduce the chance of oil and gas entering the intake manifold for secondary combustion, and the engine oil is breathable The function of the kettle is to collect the oil vapor in the crankcase. Although the oil vapor cannot be completely avoided, try to reduce the amount of steam entering the intake manifold to reduce the chance of secondary combustion to a certain extent and protect the engine.




The oil breather is installed on the exhaust pipe of the original car, collecting waste engine oil to protect the engine, reducing carbon deposits in the engine compartment and extending the engine life! Before installation, be sure to choose a good installation location. Since the engine will work while it is dissipating heat, try to install the oil vent tank far from the heat source to facilitate cleaning of the oil-water mixture in the oil vent tank in the future. When connecting, be sure to fix it with a clamp, and try to keep the entire pipeline under vacuum.



The oil vent tank should be cleaned regularly, and it should be disassembled every 10,000 kilometers to clean the filter element. If the filter element is blocked. If the circulation inside the cup is blocked, the exhaust gas will enter the air filter! !! !!