Aluminium High Power Intake Manifold For 06-11 Honda Civic Si /04-08 Acura TSX

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  • Made of high-quality alloy materials, durable and long service life.
  • Light weight and lighten the load of the car
  • Professional manufacturing, high precision and good matching.
  • Fine workmanship and beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Can replace the original intake manifold.
  • Simple installation, easy to use and operate. 


  1. High temperature resistance: The intake manifold is directly connected to the engine cylinder head, and the temperature of the engine cylinder head can reach 130 ~ 150 ℃. Therefore, the intake manifold material can withstand a high temperature of 180 ° C.
  2. High strength: Can withstand the vibration load of the automobile engine, the inertia load of throttle and sensors, the pulsation load of the intake pressure, etc., to ensure that it will not be blasted by the high-pressure pulsating pressure when the engine is abnormally tempered.
  3. Dimensional stability: The connection dimension tolerance between the intake manifold and the engine is very strict, and the sensors and actuators on the manifold are also installed accurately.
  4. Chemical stability: When the intake manifold is in direct contact with gasoline and antifreeze coolant, gasoline is a strong solvent, and the glycol in the coolant will also affect the performance of plastics. Therefore, the material chemistry of this product High stability and rigorous testing.
  5. Thermal aging stability; The car engine operates at very harsh ambient temperature, and the working temperature changes back and forth between 30 ~ 130 ℃. The material of this product can ensure the long-term reliability of the manifold.
  6. In order to make the combustion conditions of each cylinder of the engine the same, the manifold length and bending of each cylinder of our product will be the same.



Condition: Brand new

Color: as shown

Material: aluminum alloy



Match models:

For 06-11 Honda Civic (Si).

For 04-08 Acura TSX (Base).

Vehicle compatibility charts are for REFERENCE ONLY. Check your vehicle to match your needs.

!!!Ideal for turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications.

!!!72mm throttle body opening can be port-matched up to 76mm.

!!!Only compatible with '06-'11 Civic Si K-series engine.


Packing list:

1 x intake manifold