7pce Car Modification Universal Fuel Booster Turbine Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit Car Boost Regulator Adjustable

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  • CNC billet aluminum, light weight and high performance.

  • It should be directly reflected that the throttle should be easier and more sensitive, and the power will be more obvious when speeding up.

  • Since the built-in diaphragm is made of special materials, it has a certain buffering effect on the average pressure of the fuel, which makes the oil pressure more stable.

  • It is possible to increase the amount of fuel injection without saving the computer fuel supply mode and save costs.

  • Providing enough pressure, fuel mixing with air quickly and accurately.

  • Simple installation: perfect match, can be installed directly.

  • Durable & Long time Last:Long life and high reliability operation.

  • Wide range of applications: suitable for most models.

Note: The fuel booster is the return pipe after the pressure regulator. The fuel injection pressure of the injector can be increased by adjusting. It can increase the injection pressure of the injector to about 3.0-5.5 kg (usually The pressure is about 3.0 kg, generally adjustable to about 3.7 kg) which is a more comfortable pressure for the injector.



Material:aluminum alloy

Power: 80 (w)

Maximum pressure ratio: 160 psi

Speed: 3000 (r / min)

Color: black red



Package Included:

1 set car modified fuel booster

Working principle:

The fuel is pressurized by the fuel pump to form a certain required pressure (such as 3.5bar) in the oil circuit. The pressurized fuel is supplied to the injector and the injector solenoid valve is opened to inject high-pressure fuel into the intake manifold. A mist-like oil beam is formed in the tube to mix the fuel with the air. The role of the pressure regulator is to keep the pressure in the oil circuit constant. If the oil pressure is too low, the fuel injection of the fuel injector will be too weak or will not be injected. And the oil pressure is too high, it will cause the oil circuit to be damaged or the fuel injector to be damaged. There is a diaphragm inside the pressure regulator to control the opening and closing of the pressure valve. When the oil pressure is lower than a certain value, the pressure valve is closed. The pressure in the oil circuit is increased by the pressure of the oil pump. When the pressure exceeds the specified pressure, The diaphragm opens, and the overpressure fuel flows back to the fuel tank through the oil return line to play the role of decompression; good tightness and small gauge error. It is a modified part of the fuel system, which improves power, increases torque, and effectively improves the starting idle speed of the car The problem of instability.


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