32mm Sway Bar Bushing Kit Suspension Stabilizer K80201 Set for 1999-2006 Ford F-450 F-550 Super Duty RS-SFN066

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  • The swing rod bushing kit is made of the best durable polyurethane-based elastomer, which can prolong the service life of the parts.
  • For 1999-2006 Ford F-450 and F-550
  • Our rocker bushings have been subjected to very rigorous tests to maintain flexibility and durability even under heavy loads and extreme driving conditions.
  • Thermoplastic products can withstand high temperature, abrasion, salt, road dirt and oil.
  • Replacement can reduce front-end noise,and resume like new manipulation and handling.
  • Includes a pair of matching bushings, only suitable for 32mm rods.



  • FOR Ford F450 Super Duty 4WD - 1999 thru 4WD - 2006
  • FOR Ford F550 Super Duty 4WD - 1999 thru 4WD - 2006



Color: blue

Material: rubber

Size: as shown

Weight: 241g


Package content:

2 x Sway Bar Bushing Kit



  1. Please review our interchange above in the compatibility table to verify proper fitment of your vehicle.
  2. Keep in mind interchange tables apply only to American Market vehicles.